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  1. 简短的英语童话故事50字
  2. 简短的英语童话故事
  3. 简短英语童话故事精选



童话故事名:贪心的狮子Greedy Lion.



The lion caught a sleeping rabbit under the tree and was trying to have a good meal.

However, he saw a deer passing by and greedily left the rabbit to chase the deer.


The lion ran for a long time, but the deer ran away and returned to the tree, but the hare had already disappeared.



The lion said ruefully: I really deserve it, because of greed, but the o ends fell.
















As the legend goes, ring ancient times, in the expansive open country of North China, there was a kind of birds called"rocs".

The roc was very huge, with its back like a big mountain, and its wings like a stretch of cloud which could cover the sky. When it spread its wings, it could break through a storm and soar at a height of 90,000 li(1/2 kilometre) in the sky towards the sea in the south.

A*** all bird called the quail1 bounced on the ground, free and happy. It looked up at the roc soaring in the sky and couldn't help laughing:"Hey, see how cocky you are! Look at me, one jump can take me over 10 chi. How delightful2! Every day I e and go amid these weeds and thickets3 and fly freely. Don't I fly quite well too? But, where can you fly to anyway?"






The deer feared the leopard1 cat, the leopard cat feared the tiger, and the tiger the brown bear.

The brown bear resembled the fox but was bigger in size. It had long fur on its head, and could stand up like man. It had great strength and would devour2 man.

In the south of the State of Chu, there was a hunter good at ventriloquy. With a bamboo pipe he could imitate the cries of various kinds of wild animals.

Once, carrying his bow, arrows and firearms, he quietly went hunting in the mountain.

Up on the mountain, he first imitated the cries of the deer to lure3 the horde4 of deer to e over, so that he could shoot at them with the firearms. The leopard cat heard the cries of the deer and came running to devour the deer. The hunter was afraid of the leopard cat, so he hurriedly imitated the roar of the tiger to scare away the leopard cat. Hardly had the leopard cat been scared away when the tiger heard the roar and came. At this moment, the hunter was even more frightened, so he imitated the cries of the brown bear. As a result, the tiger was scared away like the leopard cat.

Then, when the brown bear heard the cries, it came to look for its panions. Seeing that it was a man, the brown bear at once struck him with its front paws, and tore him up with its teeth. In a short while, the hunter was torn to pieces and devoured5 by the brown bear.








There is a bad wolf in the forest. One day he is eating a lamb. Suddenly a bone sticks in his throat.

“Oh, a bone is my throat.” He goes to see a doctor,“Please help me.” The doctor, Mr. Panda says,“Sorry, I can’t help you. The bone is inside.”

“What can I do?” the wolf is sad. Then he meets a crane.“Oh, dear crane. Please help me. A bone is in my throat. I will pay for your help.”

“Ok. Let me have a try,” the crane says. She pulls out the bone with her bill.“Now I will go. Remember your words. You should pay me,” she says.

“Well. Pay you. I remember,” the wolf says. With the words, the wolf bites off the crane’s neck and eats her up.








The frogs and the well青蛙和井 Two frogs lived together in a marsh. One hot summer the marsh dried up, so they had to leave it and look for another place. They soon found a deep well. One of them looked down and said to the other,"This is a nice cool place. Let's jump in and settle down here." The other frog was much wiser. He replied,"Don’t be so fast, my friend. If this well dries up like the marsh, how should we get out again?"青蛙和井两只青蛙住在沼泽里。在一个炎热的夏季,沼泽干涸了,因此他们不得不离开去寻找新的湿地。他们很快发现一口深井。其中一只向下看了看对另一只说:“这是个凉爽的好地方,就住这里吧。”而另一只较明智,它说:“别着急,朋友,如果这口井也干了的话,我们怎么出来呢?”寓意:凡事应该首先考虑周到,然后再付诸行动。

急需~ 50字左右的英文版童话故事

您好,我的答案是、Today, I read"Snow White." Major topics of a queen to give birth to a snow-white skin, red lips, a daughter and she gave birth to a daughter, as she wished the Princess's skin white as snow, lips red, so named Snow White. Snow White Queen, when the living dead. The king married a new queen, the new Queen, there are side mirror on the wall, the new queen every day, asking who is the world's most beautiful Mirror, mirror on the wall said: It is you. This would ask the mirror each day the Queen. One day, mirror on the wall is you, but no Snow White, the United States several times more than you. The Queen is very angry, so she sent to kill Snow White, but the Queen sent Snow White, who do not have the heart to kill, but to put Snow White. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs encountered, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs shelter, the queen that Snow White did not die, they start with himself. Although the queen won. But the prince saved Snow White. Queen also dies eventually.

This fairy tale tells us that we should not have a jealous heart, to do a good people, good will overe evil with evil means will not achieve victory. To stay petitive to pete on the open and aboveboard.谢谢


A: Which do you find more important, money or friends?

B: Friends, of course.

A: Why?

B: I can always borrow money from friends.







At a court the judge is interrogating a mugger but gets into difficulty because the mugger is a foreigner who doesn't speak English."Don't you speak English at all?" the judge asks."Only a few words," replies the mugger.

"What words do you know?"

"Your purse or your life!"






A mother is admonishing her son.

----Now, John, don't be selfish. Let your little brother share the bicycle with you.

----But Mother, I do. I ride it down the hill, and he rides it up the hill.






The inventingest inventor(an American tall tale)

Now, everyone knows the world has all kinds of liars. There are the fellas who lie for their own benefit, and they don't care how the lies make you feel. And there are the liars who try to make you think that they think you're the*** artest or the prettiest or the most wonderful person in the world only because they want something from you.

But the best liars are the liars who love a lie so much they'll go on forever telling you the whole whopping story. Those kinds of liars will stay up long after midnight telling you their tales. Those liars, in fact, don't want a thing from you. They only want to spin a yarn.

People say that's the kind of liar Bergstrom Stromberg was.

Bergstrom Stromberg was the fellow who always told stories about his great-uncle, Febold Feboldson, the famous Swedish inventor. Stromberg says his uncle was such a great inventor t......


风和太阳(The Wind And The Sun)

One day the wind said to the sun,“Look at that man walking along the road.I can get his cloak off more quickly than you can.”


“We will see about that,” said the sun.“I will let you try first.”


So the wind tried to make the man take off his cloak.He blew and blew,but the man only pulled his cloak more closely around himself.


“I give up,” said the wind at last.“I cannot get his cloak off.” Then the sun tried.He shone as hard as he could.The man soon became hot and took off his cloak.





High and Lifted Up

It was a windy day.

The mailman barely made it to the front door. When the door opened, Mrs. Pennington said,"hello", but, before she had a real chance to say"thank you", the mail blew out of the mailman's hands, into the house and the front door slammed in his face. Mrs. Pennington ran to pick up the mail.

"Oh my," she said.

Tommy was watching the shutters open and then shut, open and then shut.

"Mom," he said,"may I go outside?"

"Be careful," she said."It's so windy today."

Tommy crawled down from the window-seat and ran to the door. He opened it with a bang. The wind blew fiercely and snatched the newly recovered mail from Mrs. Pennington's hands and blew it even further into the house.

"Oh my," she said again. Tommy ran outside and the door slammed shut.

Outside, yellow, gold, and red leaves were leaping from swaying trees, landing on the roof, jumping off the roof, and then chasing one another down the street in tiny whirlwinds of merriment.

Tommy watched in fascination.

"If I was a leaf, I would fly clear across the world," Tommy thought and then ran out into the yard among the swirl of colors.

Mrs. Pennington came to the front porch.

"Tommy, I have your jacket. Please put it on."

However, there was no Tommy in the front yard.


Tommy was a leaf. He was blowing down the street with the rest of his play-mates.

A maple leaf came close-by, touched him and moved ahead. Tommy met him shortly, brushed against him, and moved further ahead. They swirled around and around, hit cars and poles, flew up into the air and then down again.

"This is fun," Tommy thought.

The maple leaf blew in front of him. It was bright red with well-defined veins. The sun-light shone through it giving it a brilliance never before seen by a little boy's eyes.

"Where do you think we are going?" Tommy asked the leaf.

"Does it matter?" the leaf replied."Have fun. Life is short."

"I beg to differ," an older leaf said suddenly coming beside them."The journey may be short, but the end is the beginning."

Tommy pondered this the best a leaf could ponder.

"Where do we end up?"

"If the wind blows you in that direction," the old leaf said,"you will end up in the city dump."

"I don't want that," Tommy said.

"If you are blown in that direction, you will fly high into the air and see things that no leaf has seen before."

"Follow me to the city dump," the maple leaf said."Most of my friends are there."

The wind blew Tommy and the maple leaf along. Tommy thought of his choices. He wanted to continue to play.

"Okay," Tommy said,"I will go with you to the dump."

The winds shifted and Tommy and the leaf were blown in the direction of the city dump.

The old leaf didn't follow. He was blown further down the block and suddenly lifted up high into the air.

"Hey," he called out,"the sights up here. They are spectacular. Come and see."

Tommy and the maple leaf ignored him.

"I see something. I see the dump." The old leaf cried out."I see smoke. Come up here. I see fire."

"I see nothing," the maple leaf said.

Tommy saw the fence that surrounded the city dump. He was happy to be with his friend. They would have fun in the dump.

Suddenly, a car pulled up. It was Tommy's mom. Mrs. Pennington wasn't about to let her little boy run into the city dump.

"Not so fast," she said getting out of the car."You are not allowed to play in there. Don't you see the smoke?"

Tommy watched the maple leaf blow against the wall and struggle to get over. He ran over to get it but was unable to reach it.

Mrs. Pennington walked over and took the leaf. She put it in her pocket.

"There," she said,"it will be safe until we get home."

Tommy smiled, ran to the car and got in. He rolled down the back window and looked up into the sky. He wondered where the old leaf had gone. Perhaps one day he would see what the old leaf had seen- perhaps.



Aesop’s Fables

The Wolf and the Lamb

Once upon a time a Wolf was lapping at a spring on a hillside, when, looking up, what should he see but a Lamb just beginning to drink a little lower down.‘There’s my supper,’ thought he,‘if only I can find some excuse to seize it.’ Then he called out to the Lamb,‘How dare you muddle the water from which I am drinking?’

‘Nay, master, nay,’ said Lambikin;‘if the water be muddy up there, I cannot be the cause of it, for it runs down from you to me.’

‘Well, then,’ said the Wolf,‘why did you call me bad names this time last year?’

‘That cannot be,’ said the Lamb;‘I am only six months old.’

‘I don’t care,’ snarled the Wolf;‘if it was not you it was your father;’ and with that he rushed upon the poor little Lamb and.WARRA WARRA WARRA WARRA WARRA.ate her all up. But before she died she gasped out.’Any excuse will serve a tyrant.’

see her every year.










简短英语童话故事篇一:I Don’t Want to Walk Home

Tom is a very old man. After dinner, he likes walking in the street. And he goes to bed at seven o’clock.

But tonight, a car stopped at his house. A policeman helps him get out. He tells Tom’s wife,“The old man couldn’t find his way in the street. He asked me to take him in the car.”

After the policeman leaves there, his wife asks,“Tom, you go to the street every night.But tonight you can’t find the way, what’s the matter?”

The old man smiles like a child and says,“I couldn’t find my way? I didn’t want to walk home.”

简短英语童话故事篇二:A Clever Panda

A little panda picks up a pumpkin and wants to take it home. But the pumpkin is too big. The panda can’t take it home.

Suddenly she sees a bear riding a bike toward her. She watches the bike.“I know! I have a good idea.” she jumps and shouts happily,“I can roll a pumpkin. It’s like a wheel.”

So she rolls the pumpkin to her home. When her mother sees the big pumpkin, she is surprised,“Oh, my God! How can you carry it home?” the little panda answers proudly,“I can’t lift it, but I can roll it.” Her mother smiled and says,“What a clever girl!”

简短英语童话故事篇三:Naughty Brother

Donny is my little brother. He is a naughty boy.

On Sunday morning Donny went into the yard and played with a dog. Sometimes a bird would come down to stay on the top of the dog’s house. Then Donny threw a stone at it. Suddenly the little boy began crying. Mother ran to Donny and asked him what was wrong. He said,“I’ve broken sister’s plate. She has beaten me.”“Why?”“I threw it at a bird, and it went straight to the plate.”

Such was my naught brother.

简短英语童话故事篇四:I Can’t Cook It

It’s sunny day in spring. Miss Cat is fishing. Suddenly the fishing rod moves.“Great! Oh, it’s so heavy!” Miss Cat says happily.

The fish is plucked out of the river.“Oh, a big fish! How big the fish is!” She cheers. But she puts the fish into the river and goes on fishing.

At the time Mr. Horse goes by and sees it.“Why do you set it free?” He asks.“Because my pot is too small, I can’t cook it,” Miss Cat says.

简短英语童话故事篇五:Two Little Monkeys

The monkey mother has two little monkeys. She likes the younger, not the other.

One day, they were playing in a forest when a wolf came,running at them. The monkey ran away with the younger monkey in a hurry and left the older alone. She climbed up a tree and held the younger in her arms.

After some time, the wolf went away slowly. The monkey took the baby out of her arms. She was surprised to see that the baby had died, for the baby was held in arms too highly. Very long time later, she remembered to look for the older baby. The older baby was hiding in a wood. So he saved himself.

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